Important notice


Dear Customers

Thank you for your patience. I will reopen my Salon next week.

NJ has issued guidelines for resuming personal care business, so I will inform you of my hygiene efforts at FUMI hair salon.

The explanation is a bit long, if you say "I'll do what you say", you can just wear a mask when you come and skip the reading below.

First, the outline of NJ's guidelines

*Prepare to reopen facilities to promote social dispersal

* Establish a protocol for scheduling client appointments

* Implement a protocol to screen all staff

*Requires protective equipment and equipment

* Strengthen the method of disinfection and cleaning

* Stay up to date on developments and obligations

Based on this, I would like to ask all my customers to cooperate in the following efforts, as I have some customers who are elderly or are fighting illness, also Salon’s are no ventilation facilities in the old building.

・Please cancel if you have a fever or cold symptoms on the day of your appointment.

・If you arrive earlier than the appointment time, please let me know by text or phone from inside the car.

・Disinfection of shoe soles (or use of shoe covers), temperature measurement, and hand disinfection when entering a Salon

・Your mask may get wet or dirty during treatment, so please bring a spare or use a substitute from Fumi salon. It is not a mask, but an


・All customers personal items are keep in the designated basket.

・Please refrain from bringing in food and drink. Or minimize it

・Although this is not necessary but please refrain from making reservations for the entire family if possible.

Multiple bookings will result in longer salon stays. In the meantime, will your child be able to wear a mask at all times? due to social

distancing? Please consider this in advance.

・Please bring toys, devices, books, etc. if you bring children.

My own initiative

・Carefully disinfect salon floors, toilets, doorknobs, switches, etc. after salon work, and perform them whenever necessary.

・If I have a fever or cold symptoms, I will cancel the appointment and reschedule.

Please note that I may not be able to meet your wishes in case of changes.

・Always wear protective equipment such as a mask and gloves.

・I will Change towels, cutting cloths and capes to clean ones for each customer.

・After each customer, I will Disinfect items that cannot be replaced (chairs, shampoo bowl, etc.) .

I am wondering how much I should do. I just would like to try to prevent anyone from becoming infected at this salon.

If you have any questions or suggestions for improvement, please give me advice.

Thank you!







  • Prepare for Reopening the Premises to Facilitate Social Distancing

  • Establish Protocols for the Scheduling of Client Appointments

  • Implement Protocols for Screening all Staff

  • Require Protective Equipment and Supplies

  • Enhance Disinfection and Cleaning Practices

  • Stay Informed About Developments and Obligations