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Parking Info.

Sorry, Salon has NO Parking space. Customer must park on street.
If no open space is available between Jersey Ave. and Cliff St., please try to find one behind the School. 

サロン前に停められない場合は Park Ave.Jersey Ave.の間にある小学校の反対側、または Jersey Ave. の一方通行から学校の裏手にまわっていただくと比較的スペースが空いています。駐車の際は下記のレギュレーションにご注意ください。 

Parking Regulations
  • Need Visiter parking permit 8AM~11AM, Monday~Friday. << Please ask FUMI for Permit.>>
  • Do not park Salon side on Wednesday and other side on Thursday 9AM~12PM for street clean-up.
  • Do not park when street is snow covered.